Top Windows 11 Features You Should Know

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Microsoft announced its new Windows 11 operating system last month. Windows 11 is on the way, with a fresh new design and a bunch of new features aimed at streamlining your PC and helping you be more productive, whether you’re using your laptop or tablet at home or in the office.
Here are the best new Windows 11 features we’ve seen announced so far.

Android Apps

Android app will be built into windows 11. It was one of the bigger surprise of its event unveiling the os. Android apps will be right into your microsoft store via Amazon’s Appstore.
That means you’ll need to download the Amazon Appstore to access nearly 500,000 apps available there including Tiktok, Netflix, Pinterest.. etc.

Windows 11 android apps


Windows 11 will add Widgets to the interface, an AI-powered customizable feed that slides out to show you info such as news, weather, a glimpse at your calendar and to-do list and your recent photos. Widgets are similar to a feature called news and interests found in a recent Windows 10 update.

Windows 11 widgets


Microsoft teams will available directly into the operating system, making it easier
to access for daily use. Teams will appear in the taskbar.

Windows 11 teams

Start menu & action center

There is floating start menu is most impressive part of the windows 11. Unlike old left side menu,it stays at the center of the taskbar. Search menu includes suggested apps, recent used apps. It fast and queries smartly & offers the best results within seconds.

Action center merged wifi, volume & battery indicator into 1 toggle button. It packs controls, brightness, volume sliders and universal media control.

Windows 11 start menu

Color and theme

Windows 11 have added lots of new themes, colors and stunning icons to folders, control panel and settings.

Windows 11 theme

Snap Layouts & Snap Groups

When you’re working in a bunch of open windows, Windows 11 will let you arrange them in different layouts on the screen, and will save all of those windows in that arrangement.
Snap Groups are the set of open windows that you saved in Snap Layouts, found in the taskbar for easy access to call up once again, so you can minimize or maximize them as a group.

Windows 11 snap layout

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